Sunday Rewind

It always seems that Monday through Friday are so fast paced and jam packed full of work and travel that weekends seem to screech to a beautiful crawl. This lovely slow pace wasn’t always something I was comfortable with but since the birth of Finn, I’ve come to enjoy this leisurely frame of mind. I’m taking time to enjoy every minute of my kids. Sure, laundry sits in baskets a little bit longer and nothing seems quite that important to pile all the kids in the car but oh, how lovely it is to read picture books in bed. I love that the only real tough decision I have is whether we should make donuts or cake.

So Sundays are a really great day for me to catch up and share all the things I’ve been working on/reading/obsessed with. So welcome to my inaugural Sunday Rewind!


Just finished this book and it was fabulous. It was a light, suspenseful, sci fi book that was extremely fun to read. I won’t give any spoilers for anybody who wants to pick it up, but I will say that the characters were so easy to bond with. Sometimes I just need an easy read with light hearted Scooby Doo type characters. (Honestly this is just me acting out after having been completely sucked into Justin Cronin’s The Twelve. After having read that tomb, you start to believe that all books should take a month to read, all characters should have a twisted back story that takes half the novel to reveal, and all story lines should be as complex as Fight Club written by Tolkien.) I wouldn’t mind moving into the Kavach building, bugs and all.

freeze dried yumminess

Just discovered these delicious snacks from Target. I feel like an astronaut eating these freeze dried treats. Seamus suggested we buy a dehydrator to make our own version of the dried treats. He dried apples in school once and is now fascinated with the concept. So I’m scouring eBay for one as we speak. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


And since it’s around the corner, I’m planning out our Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a ton of time to design my own this time, so I’m thinking about using these lovely templates from Simplicity Designs. She always makes such beautiful templates.

Have a great week!