Excuse me while i gush a bit…

Shock Exchange played a beautiful game on Saturday and I really had a great time shooting it. I gotta tell you it’s a bit hard shooting derby. Sometimes I get really into the game and lift my head up from my viewfinder and I miss an amazing shot! For example Vader had this huge hit, knocked the guy out of bounds, and then held him out by staying at the back of the pack. It was a bee-yoo-tiful play and of course, no photo because I was too busy cheering. (Did I mention he got MVP?) Well here are some of my faves from this set I posted on my Flickr.

Team photo after the win. Everyone smells great here. That’s what winning smells like.

A quick-footed Ladies Knight with Circle Jerk hot on his tail.

Connecticut Death Quad’s Circle Jerk trash-talking from the box.




Shock Exchange’s 2011 Season

The New York Shock Exchange is preparing for it’s 2011 Season with a really clever campaign on their Facebook. All the skaters are submitting photos of how they prepare for the upcoming season. Vader and I put this one together… In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s tiger’s blood. (no animals were harmed, Mom. you can hang up with the ASPCA now.)  The Undefeated Shockers will be playing this coming Saturday, March 12th out on Long Island if you wanna swing by and see some amazing (and did I mention totally hot?) Men’s Derby. Here’s the link for tickets.

snow. again.

it’s only january 19th and i’ve already lost my patience with the snow. for those of my friends who reside in [insert sunny warm weather state here], i’m more than jealous.

a picture of my own personal yeti.

snow day

today i had the most fortunate pleasure of having a snow day. i still had quite a bit of work to do but alas, i have a lovely job that allows me to work from home. i can’t really say it was snow the entire day, really mostly ice. lovely, nonetheless.

watch out 2011

so, i blinked and realized that too much time has gone by since last we chatted. i’ve been prepping for a bunch of new wonderful projects on the horizon but thought to myself, “hey you haven’t posted a damn thing about it!” for shame! and so here, for all to see, i post my goals for 2011. i have a lot of gorgeous photo projects all lined up and i promise to show you them all…which leads to my, drumroll please…goals!!!


so here it is.

no. 1.  SHOW what you can do! I am always and I mean always taking pictures. Pictures of bugs, pictures of snow, my kids playing with bugs…in the snow. You know, just all the time. me + camera always pressed up to face = good times. so here’s my goal: to show you. I have done some amazing! (if i do say so myself) shoots for clients over the past year and get so caught up in editing and then delivering on the goods that I hardly remember to blog about it, nevermind add it to my portfolio. So more pics, more blogging, more goodness. I pinky promise.

no. 2.  Don’t stop learning. Last year I decided to go back to school and pursue a business degree to help me further build my business. Of course my type A personality kicked in and I realized I couldn’t just go to school. I needed to sit in the front row, raise my hand in geeky abandon, and get a 4.0. Go big or go home! lol. This goal is to remind me not to stop. But not just for the business part of it but also as a reminder to keep trying to learn new things. Take new risks as a photographer. Stumble. Fall even but get back up again and keep going.

no. 3.  Keep your feet moving. This one is literal for me. Playing roller derby was always such a brilliant way for me to stay fit and blow off steam. As I began to take on more photography projects and develop my business, roller derby took a back seat. It just had to. Roller derby is an absolute amazing sport filled with hard-working dedicated ladies who train tremendously long hours to stay fit and ultra-competitive. There was just no way I could take on more and still train. So last year I took a leave from derby and began running as a way to stay active and fit. It’s nothing like roller derby, that’s for sure! No one shouting out at you to skate faster, get lower. (I kinda miss that part to be honest!) 🙂 Very often I find myself unmotivated to run or go to the gym. This goal is meant to prevent all that. I hereby declare that I am going to run a 5K this year. AND dare I say, when I am done with that I will train for a half-marathon. I will keep my feet moving.

no. 4. When it’s right, settle.  This one seems like the easiest but in fact is the hardest because I am picky. This year we will sell our old house (finally!) and find the perfect house for our family to live in.

This year already has proven to be a very exciting one, filled with bright new adventures and projects planned for the coming months. Stick around for the ride. I promise it will nothing short of entertaining!



where was i?

i believe i left off at h. (souvenir foto school is AWESOME. but alas a tad time consuming with school and kids and you know, a life. lol) so here is a recap…

i is for iced tea. love how the circle on my brother’s shirt made a lemon wedge. total happy accident.

j is for jalopy

k is for knees. rollergirls appreciate simple things. ya know like knees.

l is for ladykiller. his eyes kill me.

m is for muscleman. what are those cuffs made of, you ask? that’s right, duct tape. crafty, like ice is cold.

n is for narrow. diptych territory here.

o is for obstinate. nuff’ said.

p is for pigeon. who flew away a millisecond after i took this!

q is for quartet! chinatown gum boxes i can’t part with.

r is for railroad. some fun with tiltshift.

s is for stairway. this was a twofer since this month’s Self Portrait Challenge is Stairways. yay!!

and today’s entry is t for tiny troopers. how could i go the whole alphabet without 1 mention of star wars?

more to come soon, i sware.

til then,


Where have you been?

i had no idea i had such loyal blog readers until i stopped posting! lol. i started back at school this past week and have been doing my darnedest to secure my position as teacher’s pet. and just call me crazy, of course i started a new project as well. there’s this lovely little blog that i subscribe to, the brain child of the smart miss b and well ya know, one thing lead to another and poof! i had enrolled in her Souvenir Foto School. it’s a gorgeous invitation only foto school (yes, that’s fancee for photo school) to help photographers get their creative juices a flowin! “but tanya, isn’t a 365 enough” you ask? well, clearly for sane people, it is. but for those of us too mental to notice, it is a ton of fun! i love how supportive the community is. just a whole bunch of cool photographers critiquing and encouraging each others’ work while getting to look in on the work of other amazingly talented artists. it’s really so lovely.

the project is A- Z. my entries so far have been:

a is for axe

b is for boating boys

c is for cuppa

d is for donut

e is for eating

f is for fire

g is for green

h is for happy birthday!

and today’s piece de resistance: i is for iced tea