Valentine’s Day Gift Giving: Your Bearded Man

Vader has been growing a beard now for about a year now and it has gotten pretty big. With the growth of this beard I have noticed how other men tend to stare, comment, and oh so often, feel compelled to compliment him on it. As his NYSE teammate, Jimmy Rage, puts it “your beard is sick.” Vader does not take all this beard adoration lightly, oh no. He feels as though he needs to keep up his beard for the common good of mankind. He maintains his beard, religiously. It also happens that I think his beard is ultra-sexy.  So as his wife I think the ultimate Valentine gift would be one to uphold the testament of his beardliness. (yes, that is a word. just made it up.)valentines for beards

1. Burroughs Beard Oil   2. Widu Wide Tooth Comb  3. Crankbunny Fortune Teller Card



Excuse me while i gush a bit…

Shock Exchange played a beautiful game on Saturday and I really had a great time shooting it. I gotta tell you it’s a bit hard shooting derby. Sometimes I get really into the game and lift my head up from my viewfinder and I miss an amazing shot! For example Vader had this huge hit, knocked the guy out of bounds, and then held him out by staying at the back of the pack. It was a bee-yoo-tiful play and of course, no photo because I was too busy cheering. (Did I mention he got MVP?) Well here are some of my faves from this set I posted on my Flickr.

Team photo after the win. Everyone smells great here. That’s what winning smells like.

A quick-footed Ladies Knight with Circle Jerk hot on his tail.

Connecticut Death Quad’s Circle Jerk trash-talking from the box.



Shock Exchange’s 2011 Season

The New York Shock Exchange is preparing for it’s 2011 Season with a really clever campaign on their Facebook. All the skaters are submitting photos of how they prepare for the upcoming season. Vader and I put this one together… In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s tiger’s blood. (no animals were harmed, Mom. you can hang up with the ASPCA now.)  The Undefeated Shockers will be playing this coming Saturday, March 12th out on Long Island if you wanna swing by and see some amazing (and did I mention totally hot?) Men’s Derby. Here’s the link for tickets.


Although I have not been posting, I assure you I have been shooting!  Vader, the tots, and I went to the lovely Northampton, MA area this past weekend and so there was a plethora of beautiful things to shoot. Here are some 365 shots.

no 21: self explanatory summer kid stuff.

no 22: seamus being a sith lord at dinner. he can’t help himself. he’s vader’s son.

no 23: early sunshine near our campsite

no 24: bear sighting! we drove past this bear on a twisty granville, ma road. i whipped the car back around to get a shot. i think i’ll question Don’t Care Bear about this.

no 25: another T-shirt shot for my Self Portrait Challenge Group on Flickr

no 26: night light. this 365 thing is really proving to be fun. i believe i’m going to try my hand at some more night shooting.


i love to rewind time and think about moments that are as clear to me now as they were then. i suppose that’s why i love photographs so much. they bring me right back to that moment. my husband and i were married 12 years ago today. we went out on our first date in february and eloped in april. totally crazy and whirlwind and oh so perfect.

we set our camera up on the edge of a boardwalk to take our photo that day in february of 1998. i adore this photo.


april always gets me. we eloped in april more than a decade ago. my husband took this picture of me with my 1976 polaroid super shooter. when he peeled apart the film, i was a bit sad because it was overexposed but he said “that’s my angel” and it reminded me why i love him so much. he absolutely sees the good in everything.