My Invisible Camera

Sometimes I face a dilemma that I know a lot of mamas/photographers face, “Should I bring my camera with me?” As a mama I sometimes feel like it’s more important to just be in the moment, to be present, and enjoy my kids. For instance, this week Vader and I took all the boys roller skating. I LOVE skating and would never relegate myself to the sidelines to just watch. I want to be in the thick of it. Trouble is being in the thick of it is kinda hard to do with a camera in your face. I actually stopped photographing Vader’s derby games for that very same reason; I would get caught up in the photo taking and would miss his great plays. But then there’s this photographer who gnaws inside me and later on will say something like “That was an amazing day! Don’t you wish you had a picture of it to save for all posterity, post to your Facebook and Instagram, and perhaps make into a 16 x 20 canvas to display in your home?” (Yeah, my inner voice tries to upsell me, she’s a saleswoman.) Sometimes I feel as though my beautiful day didn’t happen if I didn’t take a photograph to capture it in some small way. I wish I had an invisible camera; an ultralight amazing digital camera that I could carry everywhere with me, that won’t be heavy or cumbersome or in my way and tadah! would show up whenever I needed it and would disappear just as easily. So the other day when I was skating around the rink, pushing Finn in his running stroller while he kicked his feet with absolute joy because he likes the feel of wind on his face just like his mama, I decided that I would force my mind to be my invisible camera. On occasion, when I can’t have my proper camera or even my iPhone I will try to remember every little second and then relay it here. Now if only I can figure out a way to get a lasso of truth and an invisible plane….



no 56

next in the Self Portrait Challenge series of The Five Senses: taste.

delicious, scrumptious, delectable. all these words are how i describe books. i have a ravenous appetite for good books so it was no surprise that i should think of them immediately when i think of taste. (recently i’ve acquired a taste for jane austen and historical romances. it’s shocking even to me!) do you have any good recommendations for books? i would love to hear about it.

wednesday fast forward

have i mentioned that time is timey wimey wibbly wobbly to me? lol. so here’s last wednesday’s 365 and today’s.

no 48: a gorgeous sunset captured on the side of the highway. sometimes clouds this miraculous merit a pull over stop.

and fast forward to no. 55: my submission for self portrait challenge for this week. the topic for this month is the 5 senses. this is my ‘sight’.

birthday love

my baby boy, seamus, celebrated his 8th birthday this weekend. in King tradition, he chose what he wanted to have for dinner, he got to decorate his own cake (gummy sea creatures!) and he got to choose his own adventure. in true seamus fashion, it included candy and legos. here’s a photo i took of seamus in brooklyn. he’s a heartbreaker. well, my heart at least.

don’t mind me: no. 1

i’m working a little backwards here as i post photos i took from this past weekend for my 365. so don’t mind my out of sequence-ness. (yes, that’s my very own made up word.) here’s no. 1.

this lovely is my best friend marissa’s daughter, rainey.  i was lucky enough to have birthday dinner with marissa and her the other evening. as witnessed here, she is always ready for auntie tanya to take her photo. love her gorgeous eyes so much.

brotherly love

this past Sunday i climbed over fences, scaled concrete blocks that were riddled with tetanus-inducing wires, and nearly fell through a large hole on a rotten wooden dock……so completely worth it.

location: jersey city waterfront

shoot: DeHoyos/Spinosa Promo