New Frontiers


Sometime during the busy holiday season I sat across from one of my best friends, Kitty, at our favorite restaurant. We sat around our usual cozy table, crowded with our husbands, my boisterous children, handbags, baby bags, and large downy winter coats piled high around us. Our voices grew louder, competing to be heard when mixed with the din of the tavern. She asked me how I was doing and I replied, “I’m coping. Having lupus can sometimes be consuming, and you know, I’m coping.” Being the lovely friend that she is, she let this response slide while we were in the loud tavern, having drinks, and eating wings.

The following evening via Skype chat she cornered me about my answer. She said, “You are one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I know and for you to say you’re coping is a big red flag.” We then proceeded to chat for the following hour or two about our goals and dreams and how funny it was that they had changed over the course of a few short years. Photography, roller derby, school, spinning. These were all things that filled much of my time and ambition in the past few years. Now, with lupus as a big part of my life and how I operate, I had to focus on not only what I loved to do but what was good for me to pursue. I love photography with all my heart but I realize that I can no longer pursue a photography business. It has demands that I cannot meet. Of course I will continue to photograph; my camera is an extension of myself, but I will do so without deadlines and pressure, just for the love of it.

So instead of lamenting about what I could not do anymore, we chatted about things that I could do. Of course this blog came up. I love blogs. I am a crazy blog reader. My Google Reader feed is sick. I love that I can read a blog from a woman in Texas and feel like she is my best friend. I laugh when she laughs, I sigh when she sighs. It’s better than any sit com on tv! It’s a book, that gets longer every day, and it comes with an Instagram feed! So naturally when Kitty and I spoke about ventures that I would like to put my energy into and ventures that would be in fact, healthy for me, taking this blog to level 9000 was it. With Kitty in my corner, we hatched a plan. (Yes, I like using the word “hatch.” It makes me feel like I’m detective or part of the Scooby Doo gang.)

Of course with anything I do, I like to do it well. Call it my fatal flaw. Or you could call it OCD, same diff. Over the past month, I’ve been brainstorming for a new blog name. Tanya King Photography is beautiful and will always be a part of me because hey, I’m Tanya King and I like to take photographs, but I want a name to encompass this blog and what it is. My boys came up with a bunch of funny ones that cannot be published nor should see the light of day but in the end I decided on the one that made the most sense for me. My blog will called “my invisible camera.” It will be named this because despite not being able to shoot for hours on end like I used to, I still see things through an imaginary viewfinder. Often when I see something, like my son’s smile while we’re nursing in the wee light of the morning, I think, “I just photographed that beautiful face with my invisible camera.” And it will be named this because when accompanied with words, my invisible camera can capture not only sights, but sounds, touches, and the loveliest of smells.

I took the first step to new frontiers this week. I bought I’ll be redesigning this blog over the next few weeks. So excited to have you with me as I do!

photo above is my darlin’ Finn as Davy Crockett. It was one of his Halloween costumes this year.


watch out 2011

so, i blinked and realized that too much time has gone by since last we chatted. i’ve been prepping for a bunch of new wonderful projects on the horizon but thought to myself, “hey you haven’t posted a damn thing about it!” for shame! and so here, for all to see, i post my goals for 2011. i have a lot of gorgeous photo projects all lined up and i promise to show you them all…which leads to my, drumroll please…goals!!!


so here it is.

no. 1.  SHOW what you can do! I am always and I mean always taking pictures. Pictures of bugs, pictures of snow, my kids playing with bugs…in the snow. You know, just all the time. me + camera always pressed up to face = good times. so here’s my goal: to show you. I have done some amazing! (if i do say so myself) shoots for clients over the past year and get so caught up in editing and then delivering on the goods that I hardly remember to blog about it, nevermind add it to my portfolio. So more pics, more blogging, more goodness. I pinky promise.

no. 2.  Don’t stop learning. Last year I decided to go back to school and pursue a business degree to help me further build my business. Of course my type A personality kicked in and I realized I couldn’t just go to school. I needed to sit in the front row, raise my hand in geeky abandon, and get a 4.0. Go big or go home! lol. This goal is to remind me not to stop. But not just for the business part of it but also as a reminder to keep trying to learn new things. Take new risks as a photographer. Stumble. Fall even but get back up again and keep going.

no. 3.  Keep your feet moving. This one is literal for me. Playing roller derby was always such a brilliant way for me to stay fit and blow off steam. As I began to take on more photography projects and develop my business, roller derby took a back seat. It just had to. Roller derby is an absolute amazing sport filled with hard-working dedicated ladies who train tremendously long hours to stay fit and ultra-competitive. There was just no way I could take on more and still train. So last year I took a leave from derby and began running as a way to stay active and fit. It’s nothing like roller derby, that’s for sure! No one shouting out at you to skate faster, get lower. (I kinda miss that part to be honest!) 🙂 Very often I find myself unmotivated to run or go to the gym. This goal is meant to prevent all that. I hereby declare that I am going to run a 5K this year. AND dare I say, when I am done with that I will train for a half-marathon. I will keep my feet moving.

no. 4. When it’s right, settle.  This one seems like the easiest but in fact is the hardest because I am picky. This year we will sell our old house (finally!) and find the perfect house for our family to live in.

This year already has proven to be a very exciting one, filled with bright new adventures and projects planned for the coming months. Stick around for the ride. I promise it will nothing short of entertaining!