kings county general store

what started out as a little walk to the kings county general store @southpaw ended up turned into a delightful adventure across brooklyn. we ventured into the brooklyn flea and i lost my breath for a second. the light was so utterly beautiful, if it weren’t for the massive amount of people whisking by us i could have played in that light all day. here are 2 shots from our day.

my friend jayson and his business partner, nathan, make up the Craftmen. they hand craft some beautiful leather work. they peddle their wares at quite a few craft fairs and bazaars. if you get a chance you should stop by and say hello. they’re hellarad.

and the magical light at the brooklyn flea


snow. again.

it’s only january 19th and i’ve already lost my patience with the snow. for those of my friends who reside in [insert sunny warm weather state here], i’m more than jealous.

a picture of my own personal yeti.

birthday love

my baby boy, seamus, celebrated his 8th birthday this weekend. in King tradition, he chose what he wanted to have for dinner, he got to decorate his own cake (gummy sea creatures!) and he got to choose his own adventure. in true seamus fashion, it included candy and legos. here’s a photo i took of seamus in brooklyn. he’s a heartbreaker. well, my heart at least.

brooklyn bike ride

today my boys and i had a beautiful day meandering around brooklyn. first we played at the gorgeous new pier 6 (well they played and i photographed. though, i did splash a bit, truth be told.) then we  had a delicious lunch at my dear friends’ home. since it was raining so hard we had indoor bike races. usual kid craziness ensued.

we fed pigeons for a bit and this tiny bird kept stealing their catch!

and now, The Amazing Amelia!! Prepare to be amazed by her cycling prowess!

the fruit does not fall far from the tree

this kid. cracks me up. this past weekend we vacationed in Cape May with my parents just like we do every year. it’s a tradition at this point. sadly, my brother didn’t come this year. ya know what i say to that? spatooey! good riddens to bad rubbish. ( lol. just playin’, el. we missed you terribly. just some held over sibling rivalry. mom luuuuuves me best! lol) no but, really, it was pretty much beach heaven just like every year. the kids adore spending mondo quality time together. my dad has a huge suv and we all pile in to go everywhere. it’s a whole lotta bonding!! so anyway, this photo series was taken while we were waiting in the SUV waiting for my parents. Liam was rifling around my father’s console and decided to try on his glasses. yup. he’s my smartypants kid. looks just like his mama.

don’t mind me: no. 1

i’m working a little backwards here as i post photos i took from this past weekend for my 365. so don’t mind my out of sequence-ness. (yes, that’s my very own made up word.) here’s no. 1.

this lovely is my best friend marissa’s daughter, rainey.  i was lucky enough to have birthday dinner with marissa and her the other evening. as witnessed here, she is always ready for auntie tanya to take her photo. love her gorgeous eyes so much.

Pinball Wizard

This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of visiting “THE LARGEST ARCADE IN THE WORLD!” (sorry for the caps but given the magnitude of the claim you can see the need for them. well at least my kids thought so.) The FunSpot in Laconia, New Hampshire was truly an amazing spectacle. They have over 300 hundred classic games. Frogger, Centipede, Gauntlet: all in working and beautiful condition. We were in geek heaven the entire afternoon.


i just uploaded a bunch of long overdue photos to my flickr. i just adore this one. when i was little i had a doll and i called her my ‘fat dollie’. i took her absolutely everywhere. she often became filthy and ragged and then mysteriously would go missing. a new and almost identical dollie would get purchased soon after. so clever, those parents of mine!