Valentine’s Day Gift Giving: Your Bearded Man

Vader has been growing a beard now for about a year now and it has gotten pretty big. With the growth of this beard I have noticed how other men tend to stare, comment, and oh so often, feel compelled to compliment him on it. As his NYSE teammate, Jimmy Rage, puts it “your beard is sick.” Vader does not take all this beard adoration lightly, oh no. He feels as though he needs to keep up his beard for the common good of mankind. He maintains his beard, religiously. It also happens that I think his beard is ultra-sexy.  So as his wife I think the ultimate Valentine gift would be one to uphold the testament of his beardliness. (yes, that is a word. just made it up.)valentines for beards

1. Burroughs Beard Oil   2. Widu Wide Tooth Comb  3. Crankbunny Fortune Teller Card



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