All this turtle wants for Christmas is Super Powers!

Yesterday I accomplished so much that I felt, strangely, normal again. After having Finn last December I was so sick that I couldn’t even walk without assistance (we shall forever call that time the “dark times”). The months that followed his birth were filled with doctors and diagnosis and a lot of sadness on my part that I would never be me again. Me, Tanya King, who needs 5 projects to be going on at the same time in order to feel whole and accomplished. (I blame this on my immigrant parents and their constant desire to have the American dream but that’s another story. :] ) Getting winded going up the 5 steps to get into your house, frankly, sucks.  So yesterday I woke up feeling energized; a week-long Christmas vacation ahead of me and a regimen of life-enhancing drugs that are finally beginning to work gave me a spark. I felt like lupus gave me a little vacation and it was beautiful. I took full advantage. I finished editing some calendars for my family from our summer vacation in Cape May. I believe that ‘Better late than never’ is the official motto of my lupus club.


I used Paislee Press’ ridiculously simple and easy calendar templates.

Then I tried my hand at making some calzones from this Pioneer Woman recipe. Her recipe? Magical. My version? They came out ok. I need to tweak the recipe for our family’s likings and not be so lazy-like in my rolling of the dough. They came out a bit too fat. But sincerely, anything that’s beef and ricotta in a bread type crust can’t be wrong.

Then insert various nursings, naps, searching for the ever elusive matching gloves, vacuuming, watching as Vader hauled the Christmas tree through the house and out into the forest, vacuuming again, and then I edited this photo from Finn’s first birthday portrait session. I took a lot of photos over the past year but have had scarcely enough energy to eat dinner sitting up so they are on my to-do list.

So I guess what I’m saying is that today instead of wishing for superpowers, I’m going to make my own. I refuse to let lupus get the better of me. My to-list is still the same length and it may take me weeks to write one post to tell you about it but I’m still going to try. Slow and steady. Yup, that’s me. haha! I gotta tell you that I find a little humorous that I now equate myself with a turtle instead of the hare. So anyways I hope you’ll stick around with this slow little turtle and see how I do. I’ve got so many adventures ahead of me!


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