Excuse me while i gush a bit…

Shock Exchange played a beautiful game on Saturday and I really had a great time shooting it. I gotta tell you it’s a bit hard shooting derby. Sometimes I get really into the game and lift my head up from my viewfinder and I miss an amazing shot! For example Vader had this huge hit, knocked the guy out of bounds, and then held him out by staying at the back of the pack. It was a bee-yoo-tiful play and of course, no photo because I was too busy cheering. (Did I mention he got MVP?) Well here are some of my faves from this set I posted on my Flickr.

Team photo after the win. Everyone smells great here. That’s what winning smells like.

A quick-footed Ladies Knight with Circle Jerk hot on his tail.

Connecticut Death Quad’s Circle Jerk trash-talking from the box.




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