where was i?

i believe i left off at h. (souvenir foto school is AWESOME. but alas a tad time consuming with school and kids and you know, a life. lol) so here is a recap…

i is for iced tea. love how the circle on my brother’s shirt made a lemon wedge. total happy accident.

j is for jalopy

k is for knees. rollergirls appreciate simple things. ya know like knees.

l is for ladykiller. his eyes kill me.

m is for muscleman. what are those cuffs made of, you ask? that’s right, duct tape. crafty, like ice is cold.

n is for narrow. diptych territory here.

o is for obstinate. nuff’ said.

p is for pigeon. who flew away a millisecond after i took this!

q is for quartet! chinatown gum boxes i can’t part with.

r is for railroad. some fun with tiltshift.

s is for stairway. this was a twofer since this month’s Self Portrait Challenge is Stairways. yay!!

and today’s entry is t for tiny troopers. how could i go the whole alphabet without 1 mention of star wars?

more to come soon, i sware.

til then,



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