Where have you been?

i had no idea i had such loyal blog readers until i stopped posting! lol. i started back at school this past week and have been doing my darnedest to secure my position as teacher’s pet. and just call me crazy, of course i started a new project as well. there’s this lovely little blog that i subscribe to, the brain child of the smart miss b and well ya know, one thing lead to another and poof! i had enrolled in her Souvenir Foto School. it’s a gorgeous invitation only foto school (yes, that’s fancee for photo school) to help photographers get their creative juices a flowin! “but tanya, isn’t a 365 enough” you ask? well, clearly for sane people, it is. but for those of us too mental to notice, it is a ton of fun! i love how supportive the community is. just a whole bunch of cool photographers critiquing and encouraging each others’ work while getting to look in on the work of other amazingly talented artists. it’s really so lovely.

the project is A- Z. my entries so far have been:

a is for axe

b is for boating boys

c is for cuppa

d is for donut

e is for eating

f is for fire

g is for green

h is for happy birthday!

and today’s piece de resistance: i is for iced tea


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