weekend update

no 58 and 59.

salvia from my garden. i don’t have a green thumb at all, so it’s a miracle these things manage to grow at all. the deer and i came to an understanding about them, unfortunately the slugs wouldn’t listen. so i put a hit out on them. (this is where you read: small boys with salt shakers). now little pools of orange serve as examples for other slugs that even think of messing with my salvia.

no 59: didi. i was meant to go hiking today, instead i got rather lost in the woods and had to have AAA rescue me. when all was said and done, i was less than a mile from my parents’ home so i stopped in for a bit of a sob and some food. didi here, understanding the plight of the dying light and no 365 photo to be had, courteously stepped in and posed for me. isn’t she cute?

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