the fruit does not fall far from the tree

this kid. cracks me up. this past weekend we vacationed in Cape May with my parents just like we do every year. it’s a tradition at this point. sadly, my brother didn’t come this year. ya know what i say to that? spatooey! good riddens to bad rubbish. ( lol. just playin’, el. we missed you terribly. just some held over sibling rivalry. mom luuuuuves me best! lol) no but, really, it was pretty much beach heaven just like every year. the kids adore spending mondo quality time together. my dad has a huge suv and we all pile in to go everywhere. it’s a whole lotta bonding!! so anyway, this photo series was taken while we were waiting in the SUV waiting for my parents. Liam was rifling around my father’s console and decided to try on his glasses. yup. he’s my smartypants kid. looks just like his mama.


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