Photographer’s Challenge

A fellow photographer friend of mine, Scott Wyden, often has A TON of events, fun challenges and contests on his website. (He just ran a photowalk at the ultra cool/creepy Eastern State Penitentiary. eek!) Usually I’m too immersed in a ton of work to take part in any of them and I watch along to see how they go, who wins, and I vicariously live through the photos after. So when he posted his “Recreate a Vintage photo” Challenge, I thought “This is right up my alley! I’m doing it!” Then after some thought I realized that it was going to prove difficult for me. Of course I had visions of women in vintage swimsuits, Esther Williams style synchronized swimming in a pool. Cost of boom cranes quickly shattered my dream. After scaling back to this dreamy LA beach photo of model Jackie Coey and 1953’s Mr. Universe, Ed Fury (derby girls: no relation to Jenna Von Fury. 😦 ) I decided I would need to scout out a location and a beefy subject for my photo. With luck, my family and I just so happened to be going on vacation (location? check!) and I’m sure we could find a beefy guy. It’s the frickin’ Jersey Shore! I’m sure I could find someone…suitable. Well, fast forward to me sitting on the beach with Vader. Transcript of conversation below:

Me: So I need a beefy guy to recreate this photo (I show him photo)

Vader: Oh yeah? We’re in Cape May. I’m afraid that grandpa in his Speedos over there is the best you got.

Me: *shudder*

Vader: Thought so. How ’bout Liam? He’s got muscles.

Me: (Pan left to “evaluate” my prospective model, my 10 yr old son, Liam) He’s too short.

Vader: Don’t you worry. I can fix that.

Below is the end result. Liam liked being Mr. Universe and I finally got to take part in one of Scott’s Challenges. Really fun.


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