{i do!} sal + sabine

i had the honor of shooting this lovely wedding with my good friend patrick brewser. (we often shoot roller derby together, more often than not i play roller derby and he shoots. lol) their wedding was an amazing mix of culture and color, never disappointing me for a second. there was just so much to shoot! sabine is german and sal is indian so this wedding was a beautiful union honoring both traditions. the 2 hour!! long ceremony was both in english and sal’s dialect of indian language. it was so beautiful. here are some of my favorites.

the groomsmen took such care decorating the bride’s car in the early morning. they took it very seriously.

Sabine getting ready with her friend and wedding planner, Anjana.

Sabine was cool as a cucumber. Not a spec of worry. just smiles. She was a dream bride.

Nothing needs to be said here. Isn’t she stunning!

The church was filled with such warm beautiful light.

Just one of the adorable German traditions that filled the day: Both the bride and groom are given scissors and were set in front of a lovely sheet painted with a heart. Bride and groom were instructed to cut out their side of the heart. The first one to finish would “wear the pants” in the family. Sabine won!! (Editor’s note: I believe this was rigged. lol. Sabine’s scissors seemed awfully sharp, while Sal’s barely cut. 🙂 )

One of the flowergirls telling Sabine a secret.

The cutest friggin’ ringbearer.

The dancefloor was NEVER empty and I mean never. Little kids, Aunties, everyone danced. Which I loved!!! The colors of all the saris and the matching husbands ties were so rich and beautiful. I could’ve shot forever.

So gorgeous!

Thank you Sal and Sabine for letting me capture your amazing day!


3 thoughts on “{i do!} sal + sabine

  1. You guys were the perfect photographers….the pics look great and the best part was that you made all of us feel like you were part of the “wedding family” Thanks for doing such a great job!

  2. Am so delighted to see this blog when Anjana forwarded me the link.
    You guys rock!!!! All of us are enjoying the pictures. Its is ‘The Photography Job’.

  3. Dear Tanya,
    I wanted to thank you for shooting our wedding. We love your pics. You captured all these moments so beautifully and made us feel so special. Thanks again and we hope to work with you again 🙂

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