no 28 through 32

well let’s just say that i’m consistent. shooting and editing this project everyday and trying to ready our house to put on the market is a bit hectic but really i am challenged and enjoying it! and just to make things interesting, i registered for school this week too! great things on the horizon!

no 28: jheri, my lovely derby wife, gave me this skull last year and i’ve been meaning to photograph it. did a little study of it. studies of objects is my new part-time endeavor. (you’ll be bored to tears with them by the end of this 365, i’m sure!)

no. 29: “imagine you’re a little deer…”  yes, i’m saving a whole family of deer from death. i live in a part of the state where the schools close on deer hunting season opening day. i’m the neighbor they love to hate because the deer seek refuge on my property. lol.

no 30: a little study of my son’s water fan. whoever invented this contraption really is my hero. sweet baby jesus, they rescued me a million times while vacationing in Florida.

no 31: my boys scared this salamander out of its mind and it stood frozen for a good 5 minutes. i shooed them away, telling them if i had to perform mouth to mouth on a salamander i was gonna be pissed. he perked up with a bit of water and a whole lot of silence.

no 32:  And for all you audio/stereophiles, from my Self Portrait Challenge, this one’s called Hearing.


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