no. 20

so on Wednesday during archery lessons (yes, i have a robin hood/maid marion obsession) i kept running into the fields to try to capture this amazing light that kept peeking through the trees at me. i’d run out and the setting sun would hide behind trees and i’d throw my fist into the air “curse you, taunting sun!” well on the drive home, i found this amazing little spot and pulled over to catch these gorgeous cotton candy clouds. snapped a fair few and was on my way home for dinner. mission accomplished!

this is where normal people should stop reading and harry potter nerds may continue: so i get home and begin editing the wonder that is cotton candy clouds only to discover the dark mark in all my photos. i let out a gasp! my son says, “what is it?” and of course, i reply, “it’s the dark mark, harry. it’s his mark”  from afar they look like beautiful little sun-kissed clouds and when you look close at the photos, it’s a skull with it’s mouth open. voldemort likes sunsets, who knew?


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