no 16

We were headed to the Noguchi Museum when standstill traffic made us turn around. meep. We debated on things that we would like to do instead (Storm King: me, whitewater rafting: vader, reading: Liam, go home and play Wii: yeah, you guessed it, Seamus) and hiking to waterfalls won. There are 9 sets of beautiful waterfalls in one small area of the Poconos and each one is a beautiful different experience. This is my number 16 for my 365 project. I’ve always been obsessed with finding hearts and stars in nature (Blame it on those damn Lucky Charms commercials!) and this cute little heart puddle was pointed out by my son. Below is a tree that happens to look as though it has a heart cut out of it, although if you ask my son he says it looks like a gremlin. I hardly agree. pffft.

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