Birthday princess

i adore birthdays. mine particularly, but really anyone’s. a special day where everyone who knows you rejoices in your birth.  i’ve always loved the whole event: balloons, confetti, an excuse to buy a new outfit. ever since i could remember my birthday has been the best day of the year. we didn’t have a lot of money when i was little but i scarcely noticed as my parents always managed to make the day amazing. i would choose what we ate for dinner and we all got dressed up like we were going to church. it was fantastic.  when i got to college, my friend Kristan, took the reigns of my birthday party and deemed me the ‘birthday princess.’ in hindsight, i see that this was the point where my birthday snowballed into the major event it is now. i vaguely recall her calling my birthday ‘the extravaganza!’ and inviting anyone and everyone who would hear. my birthday took on a life of its own. soon elaborate birthday parties were planned with drag queens, fireworks, and irish bagpipers playing  jaunty versions of happy birthday.

quite a bit of time has passed since the first birthday extravaganza. it remains the same in most respects though. 1. i always wear a new dress. (it’s one of the pillars of birthday extravaganza) 2. sometimes if i’m lucky it involves the wearing of new birthday shoes as well. (this can’t be pushed though. the shoes have to find me. it has to be meant to be.) 3. it always, and i mean always, means sharing the day with my family and good friends.

this year i turned 34 years old. i spent the day in brooklyn, possibly my favorite place in the world. my husband and my two boys walked the brooklyn bridge with me. i got to shoot my polaroid supershooter and not once did they complain about being made to stop and smile for mama. we had an amazing dinner with our good friends, monika + marko, on a rooftop overlooking the water. i had steve’s key lime pie for dessert. i am so loved and spoiled and i truly feel like a princess. i could not think of a better way to spend my day.


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