Introducing….Wife Support

Sorry for the lag in posts but school and the boys getting out for the summer put a little ripple in things. Back to things!!

Now for those who might not be familiar with the fine sport of roller derby, there is something known as a ‘derby wife.’ There is a long rich history but to put it simply, your derby wife is your best friend, your confidante, your wife. She would back you up in a bar room brawl or hold your hair if you were vomiting. lol. She’s just perfection on skates.

My derby wife is none other than the fierce Jheri Kill from Garden State Rollergirls. We were both Hellrazors together and now GSR together. We became fast friends during our Hellrazor days, bonding over crafty books, super kawaii anything and photography. Out of a need to motivate each other, to keep creative and fresh, Wife support was born. We will be setting up challenges for ourselves, based on mutually agreed upon subjects and creating diptychs.

It seemed natural that our first challenge should just be a self portrait. So I introduce, eden mydust aka Tanya King aka Smartypants and Jheri Kill aka Maleka Brown aka that girl behind the camera.


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